Not all Medicare plans are the same. Neither are Medicare agents.

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Get the coverage you want – and the coverage Pennsylvania requires – with affordable home and automobile policies for any family.


Maximize your benefits and prepare for the worst with insurance policies designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs, including disability insurance, group health insurance, hazard policies, life insurance, buy/sell policies, and more.

Health and Medicare Supplement Plans

Whether you’re looking for a family health insurance plan, an individual life insurance policy, or preparing for retirement and Medicare, we can help you explore a range of policies and price-points designed for situations of all kinds.

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Insurance is never one-size-fits-all, and with the Joon Kim team, you’re getting customized solutions to fit your budget, your risks, and your lifestyle.

We get up every day excited to help people like you secure the best insurance coverage for their situation. 

Here to Serve

Joon Kim has been helping Philadelphia get quality insurance coverage and peace of mind for more than twenty years. 

Dedicated to building lasting relationships and finding custom solutions for every situation, Kim has the experience and knowledge to help you navigate the unthinkable – before it happens.

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Joon Kim has the experience and products to help choose a plan that makes sense for YOU.

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Building genuine, lasting relationships with trust and a commitment to excellence in every situation.


Making insurance approachable and understandable for people like you, no matter the complexity.


Helping you and your loved ones experience the joy of living every day without worry.

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